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Chinese Antiques Dealer in San Diego


Chinese antiques come in a variety of types. No matter what type of Chinese antique you have, however, you can be sure you are the owner of something that is a truly a masterpiece. Three of the most common kinds of Chinese antiques that you might come across are porcelain, jade and paintings.



Antique Chinese porcelain has been around for hundreds of years. During this time it has undergone changes. One of the most important changes in how it was created is the colors used. Chinese porcelain began as all white, but later other colors were added to enhance the aesthetics of the finished piece. By the time the Qing Dynasty rolled around, Chinese porcelain was made using many vibrant colors. While sometimes a porcelain piece can appear to have aged more than how old it actually is, techniques that focus on ascertaining the kiln condition when the piece was manufactured can pinpoint a precise age. Antique Chinese porcelain pieces often have marks that are supposed to identify the time period in which they were created, but many experts prefer to view these marks as more likely to point to the potter who made the piece rather than the time period in which it was made. Factors such as age, how common or rare a piece is, quality of the material and the workmanship can determine the value of antique Chinese porcelain.


Jade is one of the oldest materials used in creating art in ancient Chinese culture. The value of ancient jade pieces can be quite high and sell for a much larger amount than other types of Chinese antiques. The most valuable jade piece sold for a record-breaking $15 million. While not all jade pieces will sell for this amount, there is a good possibility that if you own an ancient Chinese jade piece, you have something quite valuable in your hands. Be sure to exercise the appropriate kind of care required for jade pieces. It needs to be stored in a solid box or case and kept away from contaminants that might harm it such as moisture, dirt and chemicals. You should also refrain from exposing it to environmental elements.


Traditional Chinese painting techniques often involved painters using ink and watercolors to make a tableau. The most common type of traditional Chinese painting was a landscape. Generally, paintings were not unique but were new versions of earlier creations with changes in the details. The fact that many Chinese painters copied works from earlier painters can make it difficult to determine which paintings are genuine and which are copies. Some ancient Chinese paintings were done in monochrome while others show off a variety of bright colors. As with other types of Chinese antiques, the condition, authenticity and other factors can determine the value of the painting.

Having Chinese antiques in your possession means you are the owner of something that is potentially valuable. At San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services, we are experts at determining how valuable your Chinese antiques are. Contact us to learn more about the possibility of selling your Chinese antiques.

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