The Modern Market for Asian Antiques in San Diego

Asian history is riddled with astounding, world-changing inventions and intricate, decorative treasures. From vases to tea sets, wall scrolls to sculptures, and jade to wood, the artifacts of the Tang, Ming, Qing, and other dynasties past have transcended cultures and captivated audiences across the world.

Types of Asian Antiques can vary depending on the dynasty from which they came, the type of material from which they were crafted, and the overall condition of the piece. The intricacy of the item, especially if handcrafted, can determine the value of the item itself.

Chinese antiques can be capsules from dynasties long gone. Japanese antiques are fascinating keepsakes of a country with a history of seclusion. Centuries of mastery, discipline, and dedication continue to live on in these relics. Asian antiques have been well-revered over the past decades but the past five years have seen a spike in value. Fully-bodied pieces and antiques with historical significance are especially sought after.

These antiques can come in many varieties. Many pieces of furniture have been carefully restored and refurbished while ancient scrolls, silk robes, and hand painted statues have been handled with delicate hands. These items must be carefully moved, stored, and transferred upon purchase or sale in order to preserve the item’s value in the case of a liquidation or public sale of an estate.

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