Chinese Antiques are Hot

Chinese Antiques are Hot

Over the last several years, as Asian economies especially China grow rapidly, the market for Chinese antiques has grown as well. Chinese Works of Art can be valuable and antique buyers are becoming more and more prominent.

The Chinese art world has been expanding rapidly for many years. China is now the second largest economy in the world with an $10 trillion dollar economy. Ancient Chinese art from the Tang, Ming, Qing and other dynasties is becoming increasingly valuable. Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia also have major economies with millions of wealthy art buyers.

The hottest pieces of art are those that can be verified to be from ancient dynasties and which are recognizable, fully formed works. Those include vases, cups, scrolls, chairs, desks and other items of historical significance. Works that are made of bronze, jade or porcelain are especially sought after.

Jade carvings can range in price from hundreds of dollars up to hundreds of thousands. Some porcelain artwork of ancient dynasties has been sold for millions as well. However, these items are few and far between.

Even if you find that you have the art in your possession, it may still be difficult to turn that into cash. Many people use the service of liquidators or estate service providers to help sell art. Art is often hard to sell on a local market and can cause a lot of clutter in a house if there is not place for it. When a person passes on, they may have a lot of art that should not be thrown in the garbage. Instead, the family can liquidate the art, clear space and receive fair value for all of the amazing Asian art.

One of the leading Chinese art buyers in the US is San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services. The firm is able to provide a great price, quick service and expert appraisal of Asian artworks. In addition, they work as an estate service provider for artwork from a recently deceased person or their family that no longer needs it.

Overall, the rapidly increasing Asian art market provides an array of amazing opportunities. People that have these works in their possession should seek to take advantage of the rapidly growing market before things change. Estate service providers can help take possession of these Asian antiques that benefits the seller greatly. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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