Antique Chinese Porcelain San Diego

Collecting Chinese Antique Porcelain in San Diego


Collecting Chinese porcelain and Chinese art in general is in all probability the greatest consistently running collectible category in the world. Surpassing Middle Eastern and even European art, collectors see and find immense value in Chinese collectibles. Becoming a first-rate collector involves a true passion to learn and build your knowledge. It is imperative that you study and gain a foundation of facts by which to stand on. This will help you know the things to do and not to do.

Where do you start? Who should you even talk to? First of all, understanding how to perfectly authenticate Chinese porcelain pieces can take decades. Unfortunately, shortcuts to gaining this experience do not exist. If you are new to this arena, it would be wise to work with someone knowledgeable or a seasoned collector initially. Until you gain a trained eye in this area, working with skilled professionals will save you from losing money.

A Chinese porcelain dealer with experience can see more authentic true pieces come across his space in a month than most enthusiasts will get to see in a five year span. In addition, they have been doing this for decades. The majority are more than willing to share their expertise with someone that is serious about learning and ultimately collecting.

Many curators come from multi-generational families with ties to dynasties of Chinese art dealers. Be up front about your goals, be candid about your art budget and lastly, be respectful of their knowledge and their time. Ultimately, you will more than likely spend a little more money on the front end. You will go through a learning curve with them but it will immensely increase your interest and understanding in the material and the art.

Chinese antiques have been collected and appreciated since the creation of the first bronzed and carved stone. The people began collecting and finding value in these objects while passing them generation to generation. The Chinese people began keeping records on their collections. They began maintaining inventories of these prized possessions. In actuality, scholars, emperors, as well as poets have written about the opulence and notable purposes of this art. Many of the writings have been preserved by private collections and museums today.

Typically the earlier pieces were connected to mystical and religious significance. Past Chinese cultures have an admiration for and are connoisseurs of this concept. A Chinese Antique Porcelain San Diego Buyer can be a major asset for sellers, as well. Curbing buying impulses to collect can be a strong and driving force within this area. Collectors of this art live in practically every nation on earth including China. There are also a plethora of museums strewn throughout the world committed to taking pleasure in and appreciating this historic material culture.

Another great way to get started is to build a solid reference of materials. For example, seek out materials on Ming and Famille Rose, 18th C. Chinese Armorial, Qing Dynasty, 18th C. Chinese Famille Rose and 18th C. Chinese Famille Blue and White porcelains. These days, a broad range of specific books can be purchased focusing only on the collection of interest. Steer clear of generalized publications that attempt to cover several time periods with excessively broad titles. Those types of books are great for coffee table d├ęcor but not for the serious collector.

Acquire only books that contain plenty of color illustrations that also include broad texts. Stay away from written publications that are more than 40 years old. They are generally nice books but can often be filled with inaccuracies and run of the mill pictures. Be prepared to consider these purchases as investments. Excellent Chinese porcelain reference material can be priced up to $150 each.

Fine art references are usually printed in small batches with high quality images. This is what makes them somewhat expensive. These books are worth the price. As you buy them and become familiar with their content, you will slowly but surely build your knowledge of the art period that has acquired your interest. Again, you will not develop a trained eye overnight. It will most likely take over a decade.

Another great way to build your knowledge is to frequent museums. Give specific consideration to the pieces that delight your eye. Seek out a museum with an admirable collection in the area of Asian antiques and Chinese porcelains. Sign up for their lectures; get familiar with the curator in charge of their Asian collection. If you find a museum that has great items shown on display regularly, visit often and visually learn each of the pieces. This is training for you so utilize every opportunity to learn.

Once you have made great purchases, contact a Chinese Antique Porcelain San Diego Buyer. Reach out to San Diego Liquidation & Estate Services at (619)316-3857 when you are ready to sell. There are times when selling to another collector can lead to a more extraordinary piece than originally had. We are licensed, insured, bonded and ready to buy.

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