Five Facts about Estate Sale

Five Things You Need to Know About Having an Estate Sale

Whether you’re a regular shopper at estate sales or you have never been to one, there are lots of reasons to consider selling your items this way. Think of an estate sale as something like a garage sale, but with much better advertising, and a group of experts who help you to price things appropriately and to find value in things you thought were junk. Here is a look at five things that can help you fully understand why your next sale might be better as an estate sale:

Estate Sales Don’t Need an Estate :

Though the name suggests that someone must have passed on to hold an estate sale, they can actually be done for any reason at all, including a move, purge, or whim. An estate sale differs from a garage sale in the use of an estate sale company. Though much of their business is with estates, it is just as normal to have an estate sale where the possessions belong to someone ready for a change.

Good Companies Come with Good Customers :

The best reason to go with an estate sale is that good companies have people watching them for their next sale. They know the places to advertise that are best for your community, and if they have been in business for awhile, then they are likely to have a group of active followers ready to purchase at their next event.

A Backstory Can Make a Sale :

During setup, representatives of your estate company are likely to ask you as many questions as they can about your items. In the case of antiques, this can be a step toward establishing the provenance necessary to prove their value. However, a unique story about an item can increase its saleability in many cases. Did your aunt send you Mark Twain’s favorite rocking chair when he used to visit her grandmother? Do you have a dresser that was made by a young Kurt Kobain in wood shop? Are you selling the garden bench where your great grandparents got engaged? Stories like this give a piece a legend, and a quick sale.

Your Most Valuable Items Might Not be What You Think :

The adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is often the case. However, there are a lot of nostalgia items that people never considered saving intentionally that can often make a good price tag. Though good antiques can sell for a lot, if the demand is low or the supply is high, you may be disappointed. On the other hand, you may have old plumbing fixtures or doorknob plates on your home that have had high value, and you hadn’t realized it. Working with an estate company on site in your home can help you to understand the worth of things, as can doing research on places like ebay.

You Can Sell Everything in a Lot if you Don’t Want to Wait:

Many estate companies will also liquidate all of your items if you’re in a hurry. You get the convenience of quick money, as well as peace of mind that you won’t be left at the end of the sale with a bunch of unsold items. This is especially nice if the things you’re selling weren’t to your taste, you’re selling things from a distant location, or you are in a hurry to leave and want to tie up loose ends.

There are lots of great reasons to have an estate sale. The biggest reason is that working with an estate sale company allows you access to experts that can help to give your items lots of exposure, and the experience and expertise to help them sell for maximum profit. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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