Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Licensed, Insured and Bonded

San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services is here to protect your interests during the process of an estate liquidation. We are licensed, insured and bonded. We understand that liquidating the assets of a lost loved one can be one of the more painful things you will do in your life. We have taken every step to protect you as we help sell old possessions, and we have a complete list of protections here for you.

#1: Licensed

We hold a fully valid business license and we always protect your interests by managing sales in a safe manner.

Our procedures are used to prevent loss and theft during your sale. We have buyers come to our sales who are ready to buy many different items, but we know that theft could happen at any time. We have put up barriers that prevent thieves from stealing the items that you are planning to sell.

#2: Bonded

Our company carries a bond that ensures payment to you if we do not perform the services we have promised. This is a common item that all businesses must use to protect you, but we carry this bond for every customer. We do not intend to give you anything other than the best customer service possible, but we have set up protections in the event of a calamity that prevents us from doing our duty. This protection returns money to you in good faith after the sale has ended.

#3: Insured

Our company carries insurance to protect you from all manner of issues that may arise in conjunction with your sale. Our insurance protects you during the sale, and our insurance protects our people as they manage the sale.

You are not liable for damage that happens to property during your sale. We will file insurance claims for all items that were damaged in your home, and we will forward payment to you once it is received.

Damage to property that is in transit after a sale is covered under our insurance policy. We ship items bought at the sale to customers across the country, but we offer up our insurance to protect the item after it is sold. You are in our capable hands once you authorize us to sell your items, and we use the full force of our insurance to compensate you if a product is damaged or broken. We use the same policy to help customers after the sale to prevent them from contacting you for assistance.

We take our license, bond and insurance quite seriously, and we offer these items as examples of our commitment to the customer service that you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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