Chinese Antiques Dealer San Diego

Chinese Antiques Dealer in San Diego   Chinese antiques come in a variety of types. No matter what type of Chinese antique you have, however, you can be sure you are the owner of something that is a truly a masterpiece. Three of the most common kinds of Chinese antiques that you might come across …


Chinese Porcelain San Diego

Getting to Know Qing Dynasty Porcelain   Chinese porcelain has some twenty-thousand millennia of history behind it. Like other creators around the world, individual artisans found inspiration in everything from spiritual concepts to current affairs and sheer functionality. During the long-lived Qing dynasty, which lasted from 1644 until 1911, methodologies used for centuries prior reached …


Estate Sales San Diego

Estate Sales San Diego   Choosing the right business for estate sales in San Diego is important. These sales are often related to the passing of a loved one. Other reasons for estate sales may be divorces or financial troubles. Estate sales often have to be done faster than a person anticipates. Selling an estate …