Chinese Antiques Dealer San Diego

Chinese Antiques Dealer in San Diego   Chinese antiques come in a variety of types. No matter what type of Chinese antique you have, however, you can be sure you are the owner of something that is a truly a masterpiece. Three of the most common kinds of Chinese antiques that you might come across …


Antique Chinese Porcelain San Diego

Collecting Chinese Antique Porcelain in San Diego   Collecting Chinese porcelain and Chinese art in general is in all probability the greatest consistently running collectible category in the world. Surpassing Middle Eastern and even European art, collectors see and find immense value in Chinese collectibles. Becoming a first-rate collector involves a true passion to learn …


Chinese Porcelain San Diego

Getting to Know Qing Dynasty Porcelain   Chinese porcelain has some twenty-thousand millennia of history behind it. Like other creators around the world, individual artisans found inspiration in everything from spiritual concepts to current affairs and sheer functionality. During the long-lived Qing dynasty, which lasted from 1644 until 1911, methodologies used for centuries prior reached …


Collecting Asian Antiques

Collecting Asian Antiques   The past is preserved in those artifacts that remain. No matter how you developed an interest in Asian antiques, your collection, no matter the size, is a portal to the days long gone. The quality of the work, the materials used, and the images incorporated speak volumes about the past and …


Asian Antiques Market

The Modern Market for Asian Antiques in San Diego   Asian history is riddled with astounding, world-changing inventions and intricate, decorative treasures. From vases to tea sets, wall scrolls to sculptures, and jade to wood, the artifacts of the Tang, Ming, Qing, and other dynasties past have transcended cultures and captivated audiences across the world. …


Antique Chinese Porcelain

Antique Chinese Porcelain   There are many factors to consider when you are shopping for antique Chinese porcelain pieces. You are probably wondering how old a specific piece is, and if you are paying a fair price for it, considering its worth. If you are a novice when it comes to purchasing antique Chinese porcelain, …


Antique Chinese Jade

Antique Chinese Jade Jade has been mined and used in the creation of valuable heirlooms and pieces of art for thousands of years in China. The first use of jade in the country was for simple decorative or ritual versions of weapons or tools. Over time, the use of jade was expanded to all manner …


Chinese Antiques are Hot

Chinese Antiques are Hot Over the last several years, as Asian economies especially China grow rapidly, the market for Chinese antiques has grown as well. Chinese Works of Art can be┬ávaluable and antique buyers are becoming more and more prominent. The Chinese art world has been expanding rapidly for many years. China is now the …